In anticipation of tomorrow’s solar eclipse, I have been fielding questions about whether or not clients should be concerned about their dog being outdoors during the hours of the eclipse. Cats as well, for that matter. The concern for us all is damage to our retinas, in the event that we look directly at the eclipse for an extended period of time.




Please consider watching this video. It is funny. Be prepared to laugh.

In terms of dogs and cats that are outdoors, or are walked during the time of the eclipse, they are only in danger if they feel compelled to stare at the eclipse during the time it occurs. To them, in all likelihood, it will seem like nighttime. Thus, the most risk is of them acting like it is nighttime, and exhibiting nighttime behaviors. Such as:

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There are people selling, or trying to sell you, solar eclipse glasses for your dog. They are criminals.

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This is what you should do, if you do take your dog outside during the eclipse, and if he decides to look at the sun. The only risk of him doing that is if 1. you are doing it, 2. he is curious about what you are looking at and/or 3. he is exceptionally intelligent and realizes that it is not, in fact, bedtime, and decides to stare at said eclipse.  There is some talk of dangerous traffic patterns while distracted drivers may be checking out the sky, in lieu of, people, dogs, and other cars.  Watch out for that.

If both of you are inclined to, in fact, glimpse the eclipse, by all means, both purchase glasses and enjoy.

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Be safe.

Dr. Dawn
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