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Dr. Dawn the Pet Vet

About Me

Dr. Dawn Filos has been a practicing small animal veterinarian for over 28 years. She has taught pet first aid courses, CPR courses, and has always enjoyed educating her clients to enable them to be the best pet parents that they can be. She has a particular interest in sharing the emotional benefits that sharing our lives with pets provides. She speaks much about that, with guides on how to not just train your pets, feed and entertain them, care for them medically… but she discusses topics such as how to navigate pet insurance, and plans for legal trusts to care for your pets when you may not be here to do so… to name a few subjects. She hopes you will learn, laugh, and love subscribing to her blog.


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What makes me different?

This site is intended to give you information that is accurate, timely, and with your pet’s best interest at heart.

Honest Truth

Many blogs share information from varied sources, many of which are not veterinary based. This blog is written from the perspective of a veterinarian with decades of experience, intending to educate pet parents.  There are so many conflicting resources out on the internet, in particular, regarding which diets are best for your pet, or how to train them.

Personal Experience

Common medical and behavioral issues that I have come across are discussed, because I find that people seek out information in these areas, and are often misinformed. Not all information on the internet is accurate.

Closer Than Others

My experience as a mobile/house call veterinarian, makes me different, in that I truly get to see how the patient and the family live. I have an enormous advantage over my colleagues that only spend 15-20 minutes in an exam room, discussing a situation with a client.

Understanding and Compassion

The fear free environment of a home visit has given me extra insight into the lives of my clients and patients, making me a better veterinarian, I think. But also giving me a deeper understanding of the human-pet bond and the significance it plays in our emotional lives.

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