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Reason One

Dr Dawn has been practicing and teaching about pet health for over 31 years. This is a resource your can trust to explain diseases, emergencies, or any other questions you might have about your pet’s illness.

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Reason Two

Dr. Dawn is particularly interested in the psychological benefits of living with pets. She shares many stories of the amazing bonds we have with our pets,
and the role they play in enriching our lives.

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Reason Three

Navigating how best to care for your pet? Dr. Dawn’s topics show you how to train, feed, and understand how to be the best parent you can be.

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Reason Four

By subscribing, you have access to not just new newsletter topics, but all prior ones. From how to raise a kitten or puppy, to the hottest pet accessories…. to even help on determining the quality of life for your elderly pet….. it’s all here at your disposal.

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