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Tales of a Pet Vet:  Stories from the Clinic and House Calls

Dr. Dawn Filos has always had a passion for animals, and with a lot of hard work and perseverance, she’s turned that passion into a career. Here, with emotional honesty, Dr. Dawn shares her colorful, memorable journey, from nervous novice to seasoned, self-assured doctor. This modern-day James Herriot, ultimately finds her niche as a house-call vet, where she creates a way to practice on her own terms with the privilege of unique, intimate access into the homes and lives of her beloved patients and their human families. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes sad, and often hilarious, Tales of a Pet Vet will resonate deeply with pet lovers everywhere

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This blog discusses All Things Pets. Useful educational topics range from pet raising, to medical, nutritional, behavioral, and environmental guidance for your dog or cat. It is also a resource for newsworthy, heartwarming, and funny stories. And there are links to the best routes for things to buy for, or enjoy with, your beloved pets. Join our list of 9852 subscribers!

Cat Behavior/Training

Topics include the challenges to multiple cat households and how to solve them. Why do cats behave the way they do? Many posts about the evolutionary basis for hunting, aggression, scratching, marking, any how that info can help you live with cats. Stressors to indoor cats, how to identify them, and remove them from your home… all important when we discuss how stress can manifest as disease.

Dog Behavior/Training

Training dogs, from puppies to adulthood, is discussed. How to navigate dog parks, find dog walkers and sitters, how to address separation anxiety and its manifestations, and many other topics important to those living with dogs. Recommendations and discussions of books that delve into how dogs see, smell and experience the world, and how to enrich your lives living together.

Cat Medicine/Health

Ranges of topics of cat diseases: from infectious to dermatological, allergy, to kidney, thyroid, heart, intestinal, and many others illnesses that you may have experienced, or may see in your cats. A resource on how to understand them better, and empower you to know when is a good time to see the veterinarian if you suspect your cat may need diagnostics, or a different approach to treatment.

Dog Medicine/Health

Wide range of diseases: including infectious diseases such as lyme and other tick borne illnesses, kennel cough vs influenza, heart disease, diets that are good and not so good for dogs. Hazards to your dog’s health are identified, such as foods and chemical exposures in your home, that you should know about. Diabetes, gastrointestinal, orthopedic ailments, to name a few. Detailed health care recommendations and clear explanations of medicine from puppy ailments to senior dog diseases. Quality of life evaluations, and what to do if you think it may be time to consider saying goodbye to your beloved dog.

Humor/Pet Stories

Dr. Dawn’s interest in the benefits of living with pets has been her passionate interest, and she shares many examples of how our lives are enriched with dogs and cats in our homes. The psychological benefits to those that live alone, are depressed or suffer from other psychiatric diseases, young children, emotionally and physically handicapped, and teens…. All benefit from the constancy and responsibility that caring for a pet brings to their lives. She also enjoys sharing personal stories of her own pets, and what they have meant to her, in addition to the often laughable mistakes she has made along the way as a pet parent. You may laugh along with her as you recognize your own imperfect parenting experiences.

In The News/Animal Health News

Dr. Dawn often discusses groundbreaking medical advances that are relevant to pet parents, and explains them in understandable ways. From emerging disease threats, to new ways of treating cancer, to pet care products that she recommends, to diet recalls as they are identified…. Dr Dawn wants to keep you informed of the latest newsworthy topics as they occur. Many topics explore plush pet hotel accommodations, while others are stories about people doing incredible things for and with pets that you will hopefully find as heartwarming or inspiring as Dr Dawn does.


Recommendations and explanations that will help you understand what food labels mean and how to best navigate the many options for diets for your pets.

Human Animal Bond/Benefits of Pets

Stories and explanations of the benefits that pets provide to our welfare. Topics range from humorous to poignant, all thought provoking and hitting upon familiarities we all share as pet parents and pet lovers.

Pet Hazards

Things all pet parents should know to be able to avoid inadvertent harm to their beloved pets.

Learn More About Dr. Dawn

I am Dr. Dawn Filos, a veterinarian practicing for over 31+ years. I run a house call practice called Bucks Mercer Mobile Vet, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Click here for details. I have always enjoyed the client education aspect of my profession, but have found that there is never enough time or opportunity to talk to animal lovers and clients about their pets in detail. This blog is such an opportunity.
Dr Dawn The Pet Vet

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