Pet Breath Fresheners


While brushing pets’ teeth is the gold standard of keeping their teeth healthy, there are foods you can feed them to help with their teeth and breath. But before we get into that, lets talk about some products you can use that will also help with dental health and odor. And some to avoid….

Brushing also keeps odor away, as plaque build-up brings with it odor. And healthy teeth are less likely to become diseased, an abscessed, which has an odor. Gum health is important, and smells better.


There are some sprays and breath fresheners on the market. Some are better than others.

BEWARE of products that contain XYLITOL. Dogs can develop life threatening low levels of blood sugar. While there is a product called Breathalyzer, by Imrex, lists a safe dose by weight on their label, it is a small margin of error and not worth the risk in my opinion.


There was a recent article written by NBC news, listing results of a veterinary poll that named their 7 recommended dog chews, and why. I agree with most.


Greenies were rated best overall. I have used them for my dogs for years. They have X shaped ridges, which scrape away plaque to the gumline, and thus prevents odor. Again, the mechanical removal of plaque is key, and they do not mask the odor, but intend to rid of it. Greenies mainly contain minerals, vitamins, glycerin and wheat flour.


Pedigree Dentastix was selected as second place, for budget. They also have X shaped ridges, and work mechanically.


OraVet Hygeine Dental Chews came in third, and were considered a “splurge” item. They do help and I use them for my dogs. They are used once daily and reduce gingivitis, while forming a protective shield to the teeth.


Some other listed products made the list. One I have also used and recommended for years is the Virbac CET Veggiedent FR3SH Tartar Control Chews.


There are some other products not listed, which I have seen help patients.

Bark Bite is a dental chew, which also comes with a toothpaste, intended to be put in the grooves of the chew.

Breath Bites, by Pet Naturals Company, is a product I like.  They contain chlorophyll from spirulina origin, parsley and yucca. Chlorophyll deodorizes and has a detoxifying effect. The yucca extract reduces odors by altering production of hydrogen sulfide in the gut (thing stinky, rotten egg scent.)


There is a prescription diet you can ask your vet about, called T/D, by Hills, which stands for tooth diet. It is available in two sizes of kibble for dogs, as well as a cat size. It helps prevent tartar build up, to be used in conjunction with brushing.


Some people claim probiotics help with fresh breath, but the verdict is still out.



In terms of diet and natural treats, there are a few things you can feed them to help prevent bad breath.



Chewing carrots can help prevent plaque collection. The beta-carotene and vitamins they contain are also a good way to maintain good health.



Rich in vitamin A and C, folic acid and antioxidants, parsley is another natural breath freshener. Sprinkle some chopped up parsley over our dog’s meal, or add it to a batch of homemade bones.


Coconut oil

This oil has antibacterial properties which not only helps with dog breath, but their skin and bones as well. It also helps with digestion and the immune system. Pour a teaspoon over your dog’s food nightly.

Brown Rice

Brown rice aids in digestion because it is high in fiber. If you make homemade dog food, it is a good base. It is also loaded with powerful antioxidants.


I hope you find the information helpful. And remember…. Brushing is Best! These are just supplemental ideas.

Dr. Dawn