So, I am back in the land of pampered pets this summer. I naturally felt compelled to check out the Dog Store.

A dizzying array of really cute and interesting items for your dog to be had. (Sorry, no cat store here cat fanciers).





Left feeling like I might be a bad pet parent, for not offering my dog “dog wine”,… for about 5 minutes.  Then she proceeded to drink out of a puddle of “who knows what “, and I got over it quickly.





Did you know that your dog could, or possibly should, be bathing in Dead Sea Salts? Correction: soaking…I didn’t.







There must be several color options for fur lined parkas.  There simply must. Like the Uniqlo of the dog world.  I guess.




















But seriously, I really, really want this mug.  And a matching French Bulldog to go with it.








Full disclosure, this Dog Bingo game is from another store, but a dog loving store nonetheless. This actually looks pretty awesome and I was also tempted to buy it.  Funny thing out here.  They have a large water bowl outside each store that is “dog friendly” and allows you to bring your dog inside.  My own dog was really confused while she joined me in a dressing room while I tried on a bathing suit.  Dogs are simply fawned over here. I was encouraged to bring her into the bookstore, but my cappucino was not welcomed.  They have a barstool on the curb where coffee cups are asked to wait outside while you shop. So it is a “Bring your dog, leave your Starbucks at home policy”, and it is most businesses





My dog prefers her raw food in the form of dead rodents.  First she rolls in them, and then she eats them.  Actual sushi rolls would just confuse her.




17629965_1353523438064838_3272944513711718958_n 17523605_1353523441398171_1079831730616508391_n

And this dude, well, I doubt he considers himself a “pooch”, or “Poochi”. He is clearly too cool for that.








Same goes for these guys.







And, of course, dogs should be serenaded by a harpist while shopping. I mean, that’s a given….









They also groom there, with a complete line of awesome shampoos, and mousses.








12226930_924676290949557_2644770061554595338_n 17498786_1349333525150496_4591642171501772759_n
Check out the “afters”…..









I hope they all leave with this adorable goodie bag, or , literally, doggie bag.








Dr. Dawn
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