I was cleaning out drawers and stumbled upon a letter from several years ago, sent to my coworker at the time “from a patient”. If I sat down and tried my hardest to make up such a letter, I couldn’t do it justice. I kid you not, this is a real letter.  It says so much regarding the occupational hazards that we face daily. I have 2 fingers that no longer have feeling in the tips, due to cat bites.  More telling is how the client reacted. This was in a cat only hospital, so this was not an unusual situation we found ourselves in.  I hope that, by printing this in its entirety, you will see the humor in it as I did.

Dear Dr. T….,

Giselle asked me to convey her apologies and regrets for biting you during her exam.  She said she got carried away at the time and the Devil made her do it.  She hopes your hand is healing well and looks forward to seeing you soon for a re-check.

Giselle baked these brownies just for you early this morning.  Thank you for discovering that she has pin worms.  It is likely that the 17 other cats will now need to be treated with Revolution and that’s going to be quite a circus.  Want a ringside seat?!

Best Regards,








I love cats. I truly do. But if have a choice between loss of feeling in my hand, permanently, and brownies… I am going with the feeling in the hands every time.

Dr. Dawn
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