2013-12-08 11.45.01   I always swore I would never write a post like this, but I simply couldn’t help myself. My apologies if this story does not, somehow, resonate with you.

This is my dog India. I love her. Deeply. I do.  You may agree that she is adorable. This is a picture of her, a week after having eye surgery, and a week into wearing this fashionable E-collar. As you can tell by this picture, she is not happy about it. Yet, I am happy about it, because she has been unable to rip out the stitches that were so carefully placed by a specialist last week.

Apparently, this E collar has many other functions. It is quite useful if you want to be tripped while emptying the dishwasher, carrying the remaining 5 unbroken plates you received at your wedding. It is handy when you are playing what she thinks is doggy Twister , while you are desperately trying to apply her eye ointment while she is writhing around like a caterpillar. It also doubles as a megaphone, which magnifies her freakishly loud dog barks when a person, dog, bird, truck… passes by your front door. And, evidently, it is some sort of satellite dish that establishes a line of communication with the UPS driver. Let me explain how I know this.

2013-12-10 08.30.16Today is a snow day in our house. I have 3 school aged children at home at this minute. I also have a series of gifts for them arriving on an almost daily basis by the UPS driver. He typically arrives after 3 o’clock. NOT TODAY! He arrived at 11 am,  precisely during the 2 minutes when I happened to be  brushing my teeth.  And India felt it her civic duty to notify my children that there was a package on the front porch. My daughter managed, in record time, to open one of her gifts. OK, I will admit that this time of the year, I will wrap just about everything that I bring into my house. Thus her boots, that I considered a gift, she considered a wardrobe necessity, along the lines of food, water, and shelter. And she had them out and on before I knew what hit me.

I suppose I could look on the bright side. There is one less gift to wrap and place under the tree. But I can’t help wondering, is this some form of revenge on my dog’s part? Is this scenario going to play out for the next two weeks? Does she not thank me for having her cherry eye being repaired?

2013-12-10 11.11.54Does she not appreciate the gourmet dog treats I

purchased for her sad, little cute self?

Did she not enjoy her yummy bully stick?

I have to wonder. I have to really think, is this some extremely clever way of her getting back at me? Is this an elaborate attempt to make me feel even more guilty? Am I the only person out there that credits their dog with higher levels of emotion and intelligence than she really is capable of having? I honestly don’t know.

2013-12-03 23.35.09

Although, looking at this picture of her, the night of her surgery, all cozy and confused, I have to wonder what was REALLY going on in her little mind.  She looks a bit suspicious, don’t you think?





I promise, more substantial posts are on their way. I just felt the need to share. And, vent, I suppose.

Off to enjoy the snow!
Dr. Dawn
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